Ruevalparaiso: Valparaiso, the restoration of a mythical port


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Valparaiso, the restoration of a mythical port

The tourist who visit Chile cannot avoid spending a few days to Valparaiso. This port city, recognized inheritance of humanity by UNESCO, is today in full change. Since its origin, Valparaiso had to deal with geographical context forcing and the city developed on the many hills like an amphitheatre around the port. This one could continue its expansion only by regularly gaining grounds on the sea. Closed with the public during the military government, the port was hidden with the sight of the inhabitants by an enormous wall of containers. The comings and goings of the trucks and the loading of the cargo liners are in addition not without danger to the city which have a very strong rate of pollution. Currently, of many projects are in hand to give again glare with Valparaiso and to bring closer the inhabitants the sea. Restoration of the mythical elevators while passing by the path of the bicentenary, the painting of the frontages of the cerros (hills) to the realization of "walks", gradually, the city changes. In the cultural field, the president Ricardo Lagos made of Valparaiso the seat of the ministry and the prison was transformed into place of exposure and creation. Each year a carnival associates Valparaiso with another town of Latin America and the fireworks of New Year's day, one key moment of the life of the inhabitants, will be now drawn on 15kms throughout the bay which links Valparaiso with Viña del Mar. But the most expensive projects are the realization of a regional subway, produced by Alstom, which has been just started, the boring of one tunnel at the southern exit of the city and the realization of a "dry port" (the transfer of the loading and unloading of the containers outside the city), which should bring more to allow the harbour activity to develop without obstructing the inhabitants

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