Ruevalparaiso: A million pixels page for Chile and america


To travel, work, study and live in Chile

A million pixels page for Chile and america

1/ What is the idea?
Our page is based on this "original page" . If you visit the Press section you can verify the success that this page is having anywhere in the world.
We thought that it must have a similar page in Latin America and Chile that responded to our own idea to present kindness this side of the world.
The title "" is very attractive for the search motors.
Everybody is welcome to buy ours píxels. Píxels are divided in "blocks" of 100 píxels (square of 10x10 píxels).
The pagina is divided in 10.000 blocks of píxeles (altogether 1.000.000 píxeles). The reason of selling them in 100 blocks is because we thought that it is the so large minimum to be able to visualize an image (and a Link until its site).
You can buy as many pixels as you like, as long as there are some available (see the live stats in the top right corner of the page). When you buy some pixels, you can then display an image/ad/logo of your choice in the space you have purchased. You can also have the image click through to your own website. However, no obscene or offensive images are allowed.
Píxeles that is bought will be shown in our Web of permanent form. The page will not change. Part of the money which we obtain with the sale of píxeles will be destined to maintain the site online during at least 2 years.
Everybody can buy píxeles. You´re business, you´re company, you´re message will be seen through the years.
2. Why should I buy your píxels?
Because you will have an image and a Link to your site on the homepage of this Web. A Web that could potentially be seen by millions of people other the next years. We aspired to being one of the pages more seeing and spreading of this country (and this continent). This site will be at least online during the next 2 years. Although the idea is that it is always on-line.
3. Why can´t I buy a simple pixel?
The reason is because you can't display anything meaningful in one pixel - nor click it easily - so visually, it would be pointless. To sell only a pixel is not a good idea because nothing with only a pixel can be shown - it would not either be easy to do click on a pixel -. Visually he is not viable. Imagines a page with thousand of píxeles of colors distributed of random form? For that reason the minimum sale of píxeles must be of blocks of 10x10 píxeles (100 píxeles).
4. How long will this page be online?
We guaranteed that the site will be online at least during the next 2 years



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