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A Nobel Peace Price Laureate, Guest of Honor of the Alternative Channel

Forum Alternative Channel Tv, international Web TV on sustainable development and humanitarian causes, created by Hugues Cochard in France & Paul Allard in Quebec, is radiating throughout the world.

In collaboration with, Alternative Channel is organizing the first Alternative Channel Forum. An internatinal meeting point in Barcelona , April 30, 2008.
The subject is Social netwoking and responsible media, and the Guest of Honor will be Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Nobel Peace Price Laureate.

Great causes, Great personnalities

About 200 participants are expected at the Alternative Channel Forum , during the day they will learn how to participate in the web 2.0, make videos for the Internet and improve their visibility. Among the lecturers, we can announced : Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Nobel Peace Price Laureate for her dedication to the respect of the indigenous people rights in Guatemala, and UNESCO Ambassador of Good willingness, Virginie Louis, audiovisual producer for the International Committe of the Red Cross; Marc Tessier, France télévisions former President and President of the Alternative Channel Editorial Committee; Thierry Maillet, writer and blogger on consumption and citizenship.

Partnerships of trust
Since the launch of the website last autumn, the channel keeps on evoluting. Its creators are proud to start,on the web, a platformof debates opened to NGOs, citizens and companies, and to webcast in three languages. Weeks after weeks it is gathering more and more high level partners and contributors . Among them we can notice UNDP, Amnesty International, WWF, the Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation.
In addition, Cart’Com and Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Humanity are associating with Alternative Channel to make NGOs participating in the operation “ Draw a tree” during the Forum.
Internet for a sustainable development
The meeting-point in Barcelona is an opportunity for companies, representatives of international organizations and NGOs, web 2.0 social networking experts and profesionnals from the communication and social sector, to exchange their point of view on the use of the Internet between the third sector actors (non-profi organizations, foundations, NGOs) in a context of sustainable development and humanitarian initiatives. During the event, two prices of 8 000 euros will be awarded for the Alternative Channel video contest on sustainable development. Videos submitted are between 1:30 and 6 minutes, they can be current news , awareness and information campaigns , initiatives linked with sustainable development and should match the Alternative Channel

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